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River Monitoring System

Sonde System Overview:

Multiparameter SONDE is the next generation Water Quality measurement instrument. SONDE system is used to monitor the various simple & complex River, Lake Surveys. By deployment of Multiparameter probe system (SONDE) & large range of sensors, it is able to monitor each & every parameter of water with satisfactory & reliable results .

Manually cleaning is minimized, as there are two options to clean the sensing ports of the SONDE system. Auto jet cleaning with 1% or 5% dilute H2SO4 with 99% or 95% DM water & Auto jet dry air compressor cleaning ports which make the performance of SONDE system maximized. There are six external sensor ports available in SONDE system and many more are optional.

SCADA in Water & Wastewater

Multi-parameter SONDE

Pictures of Installed Systems:

Wastewater treatment plant SCADA application

SONDE System Installation:

SCADA Systems for Water & Wastewater Treatment