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Mini & Micro Hydro Power stations

We specialized in supply of equipment, and commissioning of Mini/ Macro Hydro power stations

  • The Hydro Power stations capacity from 200 KW to 15 MW
  • We provide complete services which includes
    - feasibility study of the project.
    - survey and detailed project report(DPR) & Govt. Clearances
    - civil works & supply/commissioned of electromechanical co----
    - transmission lines for evacuation to nearest govt. sub system.
  • The project are available on 40 years lease and the funding is done by ERADA and several national bank on nominal interest
  • The Government also provide subsidy on the project which covers up the investment subsequently.

  • On an average a turbine of 1 Mw is capable to produce electricity worth 24000 units per day. Price per unit as per the Himachal government is 3.25 Rs/ Per Unit. Apart from this 40 Paisa/ per Unit is given by the central government against Carbon Footprints.
  • So for a day calculation would be: 24000Units X (2.95+0.40) = 80400/- Rs. per day
  • For a month it would be 80400 X 30 = 2412000/- Rs
  • For realistic calculations the generation is accounted for only 10 months since 15 days are required for annual maintenance and for 45 days in winters the flow of water is very less.
  • The annual generation is about 2412000 X 10 = 2, 41, 20000/- Rs.
  • Payback period of the complete project shall be maximum 4 years.
  • Government gives subsidy of 2Cr Per MW for up to 5 Cr. Total completion time of the project shall be 14 to 16 months. Time allowed by government is 30 months. Any period less than 30 months is referred as Golden period since government royalty, which is 6% is not charged during this period.
  • Approximate cost of the project per MW varies between 6 to 7 Cr depending upon the site/location of the project.
  • Most viable projects are between 3 to 5 MW.
  • An investor has to bear 10 to 25% of the cost, which covers cost of the land and machineries. Rest of the project is financed by the bank, mostly SBI or PNB. Payments from Himachal State government are safe as there is a tripartite agreement between Government, Company and the bank. In case there is any delay in the payment government will pay the interest to company and its bank.
  • Secure Management control of the Himachal company
  • Obtaining required clearances
  • Power sales contract with Himachal Government
  • Supply of electro mechanical equipments
  • Civil infrastructure works at the site including turbine house, substation, penstock, surge tank, intake channel, desilting section etc.
  • Installation of substation including transformer, OCBs & all wiring.

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