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Online Effluent Monitoring System

STP/ETP Monitoring System

Extractive type :
  • Complete Engineered Panel with all electronics for monitoring parameters including.
  • Standard Parameters: COD, BOD, TSS, pH,

Optional Parameters:
  • DO (Dissolved Oxygen) (Range : 0-20mg/l).
  • ORP (Oxidation Reduction Potential) (Range : -1999 to +1999mV ).
  • Conductivity (Range : 0-2000 µS/cm).
  • Turbidity (Range : 0-2000mpn/ml).
  • Ammonical Nitrogen (Range : 0-50 mg/l).
  • Nitrate Ion (Range : 0.3-62000 ppm).
  • Coli form (Total Coli form, e-coli & Faecal Coli) (Range : 0-2000 mpn/ml).
  • Orthophosphate (Range : 0.01-20 mg/l).
  • Polyphosphate & Organic Phosphate .
Online Emission and Effluent Monitoring System
Online Monitoring System ETP STP Manufacturer

Extractive Type

Standard Parameter

1. COD 0-2000 mg/l UV (visible absorption spectroscopy)
2. BOD 0-2000 mg/l UV (visible absorption spectroscopy)
3. TSS 0-2000 mg/l UV (visible absorption spectroscopy)
4. pH 0-14 pH Electrode

OCEMS with Optical Probe :
Online effluent system based on optical probe is use to measure the water parameter like BOD, COD & TSS and the measuring principal employ in this instrument is Dual Wavelength UV absorption method

Product Advantage:
Automatic brush cleaning assembly, Zero drift is small, good repeatability , Low power consumption and long service life with strong anti-interference ability.
Online Continuous Effluent Monitoring System

Measurement Technology Dual-wavelength ultraviolet absorption method Dual-wavelength ultraviolet absorption method Dual-wavelength ultraviolet absorption method
Measuring Range 0-1000mg/L & expendable 0-3000 mg/Ll 0-20000 mg/L、0-45000 mg/L、0-120000 mg/L
Response time (s.) 1s 1s ≤1s
O/P signal RS-485 Modbus/RTU, Analog 4-20mA RS-485 Modbus/RTU, Analog 4-20mA RS-485 Modbus/RTU, Analog4-20mA

River Monitoring

Sonde System Overview
Multiparameter SONDE is the next generation Water Quality measurement instrument. SONDE system is used to monitor the various simple & complex River, Lake Surveys. By deployment of Multiparameter probe system (SONDE) & large range of sensors, it is able to monitor each & every parameter of water with satisfactory & reliable results

Manually cleaning is minimized, as there are two options to clean the sensing ports of the SONDE system.Auto jet cleaning with DM/clean water or dry compressed air cleaning system for different sensor assembly mainly BOD, COD, TSS, pH, DO which makes the performance of SONDE system maximized.
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Multi-parameter SONDE