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drexel® Electric Urban TRAIKA 98

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We have developed and are manufacturing the multiutility E-vehicle TRAIKA98 for applications in Shopping malls, Airports, Hospitals, Resorts, golf courses, zoo and safari with latest BMS (battery management system) technology.

TRAIKA98 is an eco-friendly BEV (battery electric vehicle) and it is economically priced. TRAIKA98 is equipped with latest lithium battery modules with BMS (battery management system).

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  • 2 seater / single seater.
  • BMS (Battery Management System) for battery status Bluetooth connectivity with mobile for battery status
  • Travel options 40km/80km in one charge.
  • Easy driving features.
  • Single button control for forward and reverse.
  • Front Disc brakes.
  • Motor overload indications.
  • Low maintenance.
  • Rear/side carriage/ luggage as per customer requirement.
  • Capable of climbing with an ability of up to 25 degree in loaded condition.
  • For Airports, Resorts, Golf Course, Material, Transport, Courier services and farms.

Technical Specifications

S. NO Name Technical Specs.
1 Front Wheel Size 20inch
2 Front Brake System Hydraulic Disc brake
3 Rear Brake System Hydraulic Drum brake
4 Rear Wheel 24inch
5 Front Suspension Upper Lower Arm
6 Motor Power 1500 Watt 60Volt
7 Battery Type Lithium, 60Volt, 45A/40 km and 90A/100 km
8 Ground Clearance 250mm
9 Wheel Turning Radius 4.4m
10 Colour Orange and Black, Grey and Black, Red and Black
11 Sitting Single, Double
12 Unladed Weight 150kg for 40km. (variant) 180kg for 100km. (variant)
13 Climbing ability 25 degree
14 Wheel Aluminium alloy
15 LED light Standard
16 USB Port Standard
17 Fire extinguisher Standard
18 Tyre Tubeless

Electric Urban TRAIKA98

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How is TRAIKA 98 charged?

TRAIKA 98 is charged by standard 220 V 15A, 3 pin power socket.

What are the emissions benefits of TRAIKA 98 vehicles?

HEVs, PHEVs, and EVs produce lower emissions than conventional Vehicles.

TRAIKA 98 is a zero emission vehicle due being an electric vehicle.TRAIKA 98 is good for the Environment and human life.

Is it safe?

TRIKA 98 has its own battery management system, which is designed to show complete battery condition including voltage and current which is also controlled mobile application in rush current to motor. Its battery can charge over 1100 cycle (approx. 3 years). The running range is enough for typical daily usage. The electrical components are placed and sealed as per the electric norms of the E- vehicle.

How do fuel costs compare to those of conventional vehicles?

On an average if a conventional vehicle drives 40-50 km it uses 1.5 litre fuel which costs Rs.150 a day. So, monthly expense is Rs 4,500 and if we talk about the annual expense, it's Rs 54,000, whereas, if we talk about the electric vehicle (BEV) TRAIKA 98, it uses 3-4 units per day in residential as well as commercial areas. Electric vehicles are energy efficient automatic vehicles. Cost of electric vehicles is low if we compare the recurring expenditure on petrol and diesel.

  • Phone Number

  • +91 172 2998398
    Toll-free no :- 1800-123-440098

  • Address

  • Plot No 442,Industrial Area, Sector 82,Mohali Punjab, India 160055

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TUV, ISO 14001:2015, ISO 9001:2015, ISO 45001:2018, related to CE Directive(s)