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electric car retrofitting

We give electric car retrofitting service for small cars in which we replace the engine and engine components with motor and battery. Small car retrofitting is potential transitional solution for improvement in widespread acceptance for EV conversion. Technically it is possible to retrofit all cars but we are focused on small cars. Conventional vehicles lose their efficiency after long duration due to wear and tear. Retrofit components are recyclable and can be customized .

according to the requirement Small car retrofitting is best technical solution for making the use of old vehicle without making any major mechanical electrical modification. We consider safety as important aspect. The electric components are sealed and fitted as per the norms of the Retrofitted electrical vehicle. The transition of conventional vehicle to retrofitted electrical vehicle reduces the recurring expenditure due to petrol and diesel. We give retrofit service for Cars that run on petrol/diesel in electric cars. The idea of retrofitting small car is also for population that is looking for smart transitional solution for their old cars and want to make it a resource.

electric car retrofitting
electric car retrofitting
  • Component related to engine are removed and car is retrofired with all electric components.
  • Retrofitting gives the option of customization according to the customer requirement.
  • New vehicles need modification and are costly than retrofitting small cars.


  • Utilization of old car.
  • Social benefit as the vehicle become eco-friendly and produces very less pollution when compared with conventional vehicles.
  • Good for small business as its range can go till 80 km with single charge (AC optional). Alternative solution for long distance is available according to the requirements.
  • Recharging is Cost effective and beneficial process as it uses only 3 to 4 units in a day.
  • Less noisy driving experience.
  • Low maintenance cost.
  • Customers can easily charge the retrofitted electric vehicle at home.


electric car retrofitting

Technical Specifications

S. NO Name Technical Specs.
1 Battery Voltage 48 V/60 V
2 Battery Type Lithium
3 Air cooled motor/Water cooled motor 4 KW/5.5 KW
4 Battery Capacity 120A peak 200A 80A peak 150A
5 Range 75 km/50 km
6 Auxiliary Converter 12V, 20A (for car functioning)
7 Electrical AC Optional
8 Auxiliary battery (for AC) Optional
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  • +91 172 2998398
    Toll-free no :- 1800-123-440098

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  • Plot No 442,Industrial Area, Sector 82,Mohali Punjab, India 160055

electric car retrofitting

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