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The Oxygen Analyzer is a complete solution consists of the oxygen sensor with all inbuilt electronics and mechanical filter assemblies.


  • Oxygen Analyzer based on Zirconium oxide technology.
  • Long life, non-depleting
  • Integral heating element
  • High accuracy
  • Linear output signal


  • Range : 0...1000 ppm, 0...5%, 0...25%, 0.1...95%
  • Output resolution : 0.01% O2
  • Response time : (10—90% step)
  • Supply current : 600mA max. at 24VDC 1.2A max. at 12VDC
  • Digital output : RS485 (Modbus RTU)
  • Analog output : 4-20mA; load 600Ω max or 0—10VDC; load 10kΩmin
  • Mounting thread : M18 x 1.5



The DX4P-ZrO2 transmitter is a complete solution for fast and accurate oxygen concentration measurements within the range 0...1000 ppm, 0...5%, 0...25% or 0.1...95%. The sensor and the measurement electronics are integrated into a stainless steel transmitter housing. The electronic amplifies the raw sensor signal and the output is a logarithmic current output signal 4...20mA as a function of oxygen partial pressure.

Zirconium oxide, heated to about 450 °C, is penetrable for oxygen ions. A voltage applied to the sensor therefore pumps the oxygen out of the inner chamber. At a constant gas pressure, the quantity of oxygen pumped out is equal to the quantity of oxygen molecules diffusing in through the capillary, and within a certain range it is independent of the voltage applied between the electrodes. The measurement current it proportional to the quantity of oxygen molecules pumped away.


- Regulation of the heating power of the sensor

- Amplification of the microampere signal from the sensor

- Conversion of the amplified signal into a standardized current output signal


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