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Hydro Power System

Hydro Power System

We have gained specialization in manufacturing and supplying of tailor-made Hydro Power Systems reckoned for uninterrupted power generation across India. At par with the international quality standards, the Hydro Power Systems offer exceptionally high efficiency and reliability. They are total value for money! Contact us to get it installed. Our swiftness in offering Hydro Power Systems adds value to the superior quality of products.

Highlights :

  • The Hydro Power Systems range in size from 200 KW to 30 MW, with turbines for a wide range of flows and heads.
  • We also provide load controllers to maintain proper voltage at either 50Hz or 60Hz and can also supply custom pipes, valves (manual & automatic) and adapters for unique applications.
  • Single phase, three phase and DC options are all available.
  • The turbines offered can be for off-grid use or grid tied systems.


Land Acquistion :
Drexel has identified many sites which have a capacity ranging from 1 MW up to 15MW, which falls under Himurja project of Himachal State. All these sites have good water flow and an above elevation for the penstock, surge tank and stable flat land for the turbine housing to be built on. In accordance with regulations for initial purchase of leasehold land, the sites are owned by companies with a 40 years lease. The shareholders of the companies have agreed to transfer ownership to Drexel in accordance with regulations; this is a 3 step process with no Government objection as the land is leasehold :

  • Initial payment to the shareholders and Drexel assumes management control. Current Directors resign
  • Final payment (after 4 months)
  • Change in shareholding

Economics :

  • On an average a turbine of 1 Mw is capable to produce electricity worth 24000 units per day. Price per unit as per the Himachal government is 3.25 Rs/ Per Unit. Apart from this 40 Paise/ per Unit is given by the central government against Carbon Footprints.
  • So for a day calculation would be: 24000Units X (2.95+0.40) = 80400/- Rs. per day
  • For a month it would be 80400 X 30 = 2412000/- Rs
  • For realistic calculations the generation is accounted for only 10 months since 15 days are required for annual maintenance and for 45 days in winters the flow of water is very less.
  • The annual generation is about 2412000 X 10 = 2,41,20000/- Rs.
  • Payback period of the complete project shall be maximum 4 years.
  • Government gives subsidy of 2Cr on first Mw and 30 lacs on every subsequent MW up to a maximum of 25 MW. Total completion time of the project shall be 12 to 14 months. Time allowed by government is 30 months. Any period less than 30 months is referred as Golden period since government royalty, which is 6% is not charged during this period.
  • Approximate cost of the project per MW varies between 5 to 6 Cr depending upon the site/location of the project.
  • Most viable projects are between 3 to 5 MW.
  • An investor has to bear 25% of the cost, which covers cost of the land and machineries. Rest of the project is financed by the bank, mostly SBI or PNB. Payments from Himachal State government are safe as there is a tripartite agreement between Government, Company and the bank. In case there is any delay in the payment government will pay the interest to company and its bank.


Clearances :

  • Technical economic clearance by HPSEB Board
  • Central Electricity Authority clearance
  • Environmental clearance by Ministry of Environment & Forests
  • First award by land acquisition officer
  • No-Objection Certificate (NOC) by the Himachal Pradesh Environment
  • Protection and Pollution Control Board. Other NOCs as may be required – Great Himalayan National Park, I & PH Department, Wild Life
  • Forest clearance by Ministry of Environment & Forests

Operational Plan :

  • Complete equity (investment) raising (refer Cash Flow Statement)
  • Secure Management control of the Himachal company
  • Obtain required clearances
  • Obtain sales contract from Himachal Government
  • Obtain electro mechanical equipment from suppliers
  • Commence infrastructural (civil) works at the site – turbine house, steel pipeline, penstock and surge tanks
  • Installation of OCB ( outdoor circuit breaker), transformer, substation and all wiring
  • Complete civil and OCB works, assemble turbine and commence Operations

Basic Hydro Turbine Diagram

Basic Hydro Turbine Diagram