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Biomedical Waste Management System (Software)

Biomedical Waste Management System (Software)

Our products are completely manufactured using premium raw supplies to make sure they adhere to global management standards of quality. The company has uplifted its reputation in the market by offering fine quality Biomedical Waste Management System (Software) at nominal prices.


Main computer shall be placed at the BMWT plant which will show the movement location of vehicles going and coming for waste collection to different hospitals/collection points and shall also display store and transmit complete data of all the waste collection on server. No additional computer is required. Your existing PC & Printer perform all the functions of Management system. Only software shall be provided.

SMS optional(SMS facility shall be available which will send SMS to 3 different mobile at the time of collection of waste giving details of type of waste, weight of waste, time of collection and collection point location.

GPS location of all the vehicles moving right from the starting point of plant, collection points and till return to the plant shall be displayed and recorded.

The system is very simple and effective which shall revolve around mobile phone being carried by driver of each vehicle going out for collection and shall effectively operate as multiple device performing as GPS device, barcode/QR code scanning, data storage of weighing scale (through Bluetooth) recorded at collection points and transmitting online data to the base station computer located in plant and server. The mobile phone shall not have any phone dialing or receiving (if mobile phone supplied by us).

Details :

  • Bar code/QR code Scanning ,weighing data, GPS, SMS (optional) all through one mobile phone per vehicle.
  • Wireless scale connects to mobile for weight.
  • Data of individual waste collection center with time,date,bar/QR code scan details for type of waste, weight of waste, driver code and plant code.